Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight Builds Guide

Building a Top Performing Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknight

dragonknight build

The Dragonknight is an excellent class choice in ESO. It is an almost perfect tanking class with the ability to serve enormous amounts of damage upon your enemies. The DK is a self-healing, mega DPS class character that can sustain heavy damage and remain in combat for long periods of time. Heavy on fire damage with lots of group utility that is extremely difficult to kill, this class is a favorite among many Elder Scrolls Online players. The Dragonknight does have a few drawbacks, such as they are very dependent on Magicka, they are slower in speed compared to Nightblade & Sorcerer and some ranged abilities are a bit limited.

Let’s take a closer look at the Dragonknight’s limitations and abilities:

DK tankingTanking – This is the best role for a Dragonknight in ESO. Once you morph the Dragons Blood to Greens Blood, your stamina and health regen increases substantially. The Green Blood morph is a great self-heal that is based on your health pool. This ability is one that morphs the Dragonknight into an almost unstoppable death machine! In groups, the DK uses Ash Cloud, Fiery Grip and Burning Talons to slow and snare enemies. Combine these with a great heal ability and you’ll have yourself an amazing character for big group fights.


DK DPS MagickaHigh DPS – Dealing damage and bringing destruction upon it’s enemies is what a Dragonknight lives for! Whether its AoE or group damage, equipping a DK with a Flame Destruction staff and lots of light armor, your Dragonknight will thrive and excel. Many people will use the Bow for its abilities  – either way, it’s a very powerful class if you have the right build.

No matter which type of Dragonknight character you want to build (high DPS, tank, PvP, PvE, all purpose survivability, solo, CC, AoE, etc.) Check out the Dragonknight Build Guide for everything you’ll want to know from what gear to use, which skills to use and morph, rotations, which is the best race for a DK and much more.

You will find guides for some of the best ESO Dragonknight builds available including;

High DPS, Two-handed DK with self healing abilities AND an AoE, Destruction Staff Dk with great mob grinding abilities.

High Damage Tank Ranger/PvP Aimed

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